Saturday, January 09, 2010

Twelve Inch Remixes

I am loving Cliff Chiang's recent twelve inch remix project. The freelance artist is probably best known for his work on several DC comics, including Batman, Human Target, and Green Arrow & Black Canary. This project came about as promotional artwork for a monthly party in New York City called Shazam! Chiang has re-worked four iconic album covers from the eighties into the world of these iconic comic characters. The are so cleanly done, not only evoking the proper mood for each piece, but also evoking the styles of the artists most closely associated with the characters, including Bill Sienkiewicz and George Perez.

The Batgirl and Elektra prints are available at the Khepri Comics online store for a very reasonable price. Chiang says he has a few more cover ideas rattling around in his head, so I expect we will see those shortly. Hopefully the Vampirella and Teen Titans prints will be made available soon, too. Best of all, the prints are actually 12.0 by 12.0 inches so that they can be fitted inside standard album frames. Well thought out, beautifully executed.

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