Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paradise Circus

Massive Attack's first new single in a good long while is "Paradise Circus," and the accompanying video directed by Toby Dye is stunning. It is essentially a short documentary about actress Georgina Spelvin which features a Massive Attack soundtrack. Spelvin was one of the earliest actresses who could be called a porn star. Along with the surprise success of Behind the Green Door and Deep Throat, she helped usher in the era of porn chic when she starred in The Devil in Miss Jones in 1973. She appeared in over 70 pornographic films as well as several B and exploitation pictures following her retirement. In "Paradise Circus," Spelvin, now 73 years old, recounts her introduction to and interest in pornography. Dye intercuts recent close-up interviews with Spelvin and graphic clips of her hallmark films. Spelvin's descriptions are sometimes explicit and always interesting. The song itself is terrific as well, and highlights Hope Sandoval, who's voice I have definitely missed in the last several years.  Full video after the jump.

A warning about the video: as you may have guessed, it is very much Not Safe For Work and features salty language to boot. Proceed with caution!

Massive Attack's first studio album in seven years, Heligoland, will be released February 9th.


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