Monday, January 04, 2010

Too Late for a Best of the Decade List?

Well, I do not care. For the little anyone would pay attention to my list, I took my time debating what I would include. Just as Jeff did, I have listed my choices alphabetically rather than spending even more time attaching numeric value to each title. I didn't feel that this past year was great, but it comes at the end of a terrific decade for film. Look at all those great titles! And they came from all over the spectrum.

All The Real Girls
Children of Men
City of God
The Dark Knight
Inland Empire
Marie Antoinette
Pan's Labyrinth
The Proposition
There Will Be Blood
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
Wendy and Lucy
White Lightnin'

I had a handful more that were very close to making my list. Frownland and 25th Hour in particular were difficult to cut. No Mulholland Drive, either. Even though I love David Lynch I was very surprised to see that film pop up on so many critical Best lists. I urge everyone who remembers that movie as being terrific to revisit it. It is not.

CORRECTION: It was brought to my attention yesterday that Fight Club was a '99 film, so I have removed it. Traffic makes the list in its stead.


Why said...

But, Aaron. Mulholland Dr. is a great film. It is, dammit!

aaron said...

I will grant that it's good, but I think people have far rosier memories of it than it deserves. That thing is weaker than Dune.

Michael said...

I don't remember loving it the first time and I have been preparing to re-visit it. Now I'm all shook up about what to do!

And the second vote for Anchorman?! Am I going to have to rent it or follow the sage advice of Hawk who advised against on New Year's?

I'm all dizzy and the year is only a few days old!

aaron said...

Anchorman is fantastic! You have to like ludicrous comedy and Will Ferrell a great deal, but it is probably my favourite comedy outside of Blazing Saddles and Crime Wave.