Monday, January 22, 2007

In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro

Raju Patel | 1986 | 97 min | UK + Kenya

Why do so many films that begin with a card saying 'Based on a True Story' seem like exploitive monster movies? I am not entirely sure, but I can say that this film delivered exactly what I asked of it. Shadow is 'based on' incidents during a 1984 drought in Kenya. During that drought over 90,000 baboons went on a crazed, starving rampage. These baboons hunted in packs, turning to cannibalism as well as attacking humans. Timothy Bottoms stars as brave, bearded Jack Ringtree. He is the area game warden and he'll be god damned if some bureaucrats are going to kill his babboons, drought or no! That is until baboons start killing fucking everyone. The game wardens attitude towards the glory of nature sours considerably once he has to hole up in a hotel with a few miners, even less ammunition, + a bunch of frightened villagers as baboon hell descends upon them.

Oh, and when I say the film delivered exactly what I asked of it, I was of course referring to several scenes of baboons ripping off dudes' faces.

Bonus Feature: BABOON ON A PLANE!

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