Friday, January 26, 2007

The Black Six

Matt Cimber | 1975 | 94 min | USA

Seemingly conceived as an NFL in-joke, each of this film's title stars was a pro football player + identified by their team in the opening credits. The Black Six follows a group of zinger-trading black bikers wandering the country after returning from Vietnam, dispensing both assistance to old ladies and casual nihilism ("There is no tomorrow."). When one of them learns of his little brother being killed by a white bike gang , the Six return to Cracker Country to exact some linebacker vengeance. Vengeance that quickly gives way to a biker race war.

The tag line for this film was, "See the 6 biggest, baddest and best waste 150 motorcycle dudes!" Nice. Although I probably would have gone with, "Mean Joe Greene kills a bunch of guys with a rock!" The closing shot consists of a field of fire, plenty of ambiguity as to whether anyone survived, + a warning to honky.

And I hope you enjoy the opening theme song, because you'll be hearing it for about a cumulative half hour over several enthralling shots of motorcycles in well below regulation speed action.

Bonus Feature: BROTHER THOR!

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