Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Half Nelson

Ryan Fleck | 2006 | 106 min | USA

Ryan Gosling plays an inner city high school teacher who develops a friendship with one of his students after she discovers him overdosing in the school washroom. Based on what id heard of the story i wasnt expecting anything quite so nuanced. It is a melodrama, but every aspect of it is played out in a way that is very affecting. This film shows its characters looking awkward, ugly, + sometimes unlikable. It plays against a lot of stereotypes, while both the acting + direction are sharply realist. As I said to friend after we saw the film, who the fuck would have predicted Ryan Gosling would become the most remarkable actor of our generation? The young girl, Shareeka Epps, was amazing as well. I look forward to seeing more of her, + I am excited to find out what both Gosling + Fleck will be doing next.

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