Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Black Fist

Timothy Galfas + Richard Kaye | 1975 | 87 min | USA

It takes about three minutes for this film to give us our first fight. It's between our hero, Leroy Fisk, + what seems to be a moustachioed weightlifter from the 1920s carnival circuit. Fisk gets his ass kicked, which seems to be good enough for our promoter friend in the white slacks + velvet smoking jacket to bring him into his stable of prize fighters. Fisk is soon treated to a training montage where he is initiated into the Dirty Brawling Arts, with a major in Ball Grabbing. The training seems to pay off + Fisk enjoys several bike rides + shopping trips with his old lady thanks to the piles of street fight winnings. Unfortunately, into this fantasy life comes a dark cloud in the form of Detective Heineken (played by Dabney Coleman). This crooked cop starts shaking Fisk down in exchange for keeping his illegal fights out of the police spotlight. His dream deferred, Fisk decides he needs to take Heineken out of the picture. Through reasons unexplained, a homeless wino friend of Fisk's obtains a damning book recording payoffs + scores in Heineken's own hand! Boring, nonsensical action + revenge ensue. Fuck this fucking movie.

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