Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The High Life

The attempted brand rejuvenation of Miller High Life over the last couple years has resulted in some incredible work. The above images by Saatchi and Saatchi New York won the Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival in 2009. More details on the Innovations campaign and an additional image are available here.

Last year also saw several High Life ads directed by Errol Morris, and they are far and away some of the best ads I have seen in years. The Morris films feel more like documentary shorts similar to his Gates of Heaven or Vernon, Florida features than they do advertisements, which is what made him such a perfect choice. I don't how much control Morris had over the pieces, but they feel very much like his own.

Of course, utilizing an old smoky-voiced narrator and grainy period stock trades mercilessly on Americana imagery and the resurgence of more traditional concepts of "manliness," but High Life is one of the few brands that can actually get away with it. Nothing about the ads seem forced. Partner that identity with the humour and eye of a man like Errol Morris and the result is smart, warm, and funny. Click through to watch some videos after the jump.

"Alternative Fuels"



"King Kong"

Errol Morris' site contains many, many similar Miller ads
. Like, eighty of them. Seriously. So grab a cool blonde and take some time to browse through them. That's an order.

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