Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Know That Shitty Bob Dylan Song?

The staff here at TSADT are like sharks: we have to move forward or we die. And in that spirit, we are expanding the scope of your favourite site so that we do not suffocate, trapped deep in the oppressive depths of art house cinema. We will still feature the movie reviews you have come to love so much, but we also want the opportunity to shout at you about design, music, books, humour, and (in my case alone) bicycles. Oh, how I love bicycles! This shift in tone will allow us to talk about the wider world of film as well, including discussion of works in development and the careers of Artistes we love. Exciting, right? I KNOW!

Stay tuned. We hope you enjoy the changes we have in store.


Michael said...

If it translates as more content, I am thrilled and approve. I also have (and love) a bicycle!

Also, will Jeff review conversations he has with me and such? Will it get that focussed? I just want to know if I'm 'on' when I'm around you guys, that's all.

And I miss y'all.

Corrina Allen said...


aaron said...

Corrina: I am glad!

Michael: Now I have to insist that Jeff reviews his conversations with you. Will we be seeing you at Invasion USA?