Friday, November 27, 2009

Push It a Stop

This week Scott Marceau released Flip Clips Volume 1, a BMX mixtape for his Push it a Stop project. All the material was filmed between August and October of this year. The video has a great sense of humour and features some solid biking. It is straight up fun as hell to watch and I look forward to seeing where the project goes.

I love fixed gear cycling and I marvel at the kind of tricks that people have developed on these bikes that are wholly unsuited for tricks. However, track bikes will never be able to match bikes designed for the task when it comes to pure jaw-dropping feats. The new school of BMX kids are doing some incredible things. For a taste of what is coming up I point you in the direction of Volume's Tate Roskelley.

More than anything else I see, these are the kinds of videos that makes me want to pick up a camera again. Winter hasn't even started yet and I can't wait for it to be over.

Thanks to John Prolly for the video link.

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Toby said...

This is gorgeous!