Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ed Hunt | 1978 | 88 min | Canada

Long ago forgotten on video as both M-3: The Gemini Strain and Induced Syndrome, this fun sci-fi thriller deserves a visit. Treading roughly the same water as Cronenberg's Shivers and Rabid, Plague looks at the outbreak of a lethal virus in seventies Toronto, Canada. The spread is furthered by the greed and fears of its creators and the incompetency of bureaucrats and police. Neither the plot, characters, or dialogue are terribly original, but there is enough on screen to keep one invested in the mood. Thanks are due in part to its amusing B qualities and terrific electronic soundtrack. Fun and oddly prescient, someone needs to re-release this film as M-3: The Bird Flu and make millions.

Local Torontonians wishing to catch this one should pay attention to upcoming programs at Trash Palace. Stacey has acquired a great looking print of this one and should be showing it again soon.



katarina said...

Fun and oddly prescient, you say? I smell remake potential!

aaron said...

ive been saying that for months! if Subway finances us we can really do it up.