Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Confessions of a Superhero

Matthew Ogens | 2007 | 92 min | US

Ogens follows the lives of four different performers on Hollywood Boulevard in this independent documentary. To the public they are known as Wonder Woman, Batman, Hulk, and Superman, but to us they are struggling actors with varying degrees of obsession and delusion colouring their day to day lives.

Each of these people has, one would guess, very little chance of ever achieving the stardom they crave. Their bread and butter is paid for in tips from tourists asking them to pose for pictures in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre. Certainly not the most fulfilling of careers, but surprisingly lucrative. All of the characters profiled have been at it for a substantial amount of time while pursuing auditions and legitimate acting work.

The movie concentrates on 'Superman' Christopher Dennis, who is easily the most interesting of the group. His intense fascination with his character has taken over virtually every aspect of his life and even the other character performers view him as something of an oddball. 'Batman' Maxwell Allan also has some interesting moments as a suitably brooding individual who recites a laundry list of crimes that may or may not have occurred during his employment for what may or may not have been the mob. You get the sense that all of these actors colour their pasts a great deal in order to keep up with their alter egos. They seem harmless enough, but we are forced to speculate, 'just what are these people going to do in ten or twenty years?' Asking for tips while looking vaguely like Wonder Woman isn't exactly a sound long-term employment strategy.

It is an amusing way to pass some time, but Confessions is ultimately a downer. Give these guys a buck or two next time you're walking down the boulevard.

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