Thursday, June 21, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Matt Maiellaro & Dave Willis | 2007 | 86 min | USA

The adventures of Master Shake, Meatwad, and Frylock hit theatres after years of being providing some of the funniest 10 minute segments on TV. Last season's episodes, Handbanana, and Moonajuana have run through my DVD player too many times to count (If you're a person who can't count past 10 or so). I had concerns about whether or not the show could sustain a feature length runtime, and my concerns were unfortunately well founded.

Instead of coming up with a fun epic sort of plot for the movie, we're treated to the Aqua Teens putting together an exercise machine from the future that grows and then runs amok throughout the city, laying waste to all that lies in its path, and their attempt to deactivate it. In addition to the weak story, the writers have decided to fill the movie with supporting roles for all of your favourite recurring characters from the show, including the Spacekataz dudes, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past, Dr. Weird, the Mooninites, and more. None of them are exceptionally funny here, nor do they serve much purpose other than to appease the fanboys who might have complained about why their favourite b-lister wasn't featured in the movie.

I'm not saying that the movie's worthless and without its enjoyable moments, because there are some great moments, such as the sequence with Time Lincoln, the Ghost of Christmas Past asking a Spacekataz to "see if they have Deathdream by Bob Clark" at an online DVD store, and Meatwad quoting The Rock. When a TV show decides to take the leap up onto the big screen, I expect a lot more than what's been delivered here. People seeing these characters for the first time might have their minds blown, but I can't imagine many fans not being extremely disappointed. It makes sense to me now having seen it, why nobody wanted to step up to the plate and release it in Canada.


aaron said...

watched this last night. a few good gags, but i agree that it was really disappointing. it didn't help that the most prevalent characters were the plutonians, who i think are the weakest characters the show has ever featured. by the time the amazing opening theme animation is complete, the best moments are over.

Anonymous said...

aaron, you're crazy! the plutonians are by far the best!!!

aaron said...

thats drug addict talk.

ChrisT said...

The Plutonians are amazing. The Mooninites are overused. Did the Wisdom Cube make an appearance? He was one of my favourite characters.