Saturday, May 19, 2007

Drive-In Massacre

Stu Segall | 1976 | 72 min | US

Seventy-two minutes? I could have sworn it was at least triple that. Clearly made during the height of drive-in B-movie success, Drive-In Massacre represents everything about why that era of movies is so poorly regarded. Tailor made for the lowest common denominator, this film looks at a series of murders at a drive-in that seems to be entirely staffed by former circus sideshow performers. CIRCUS SIDESHOW PERFORMERS WHO ALL COLLECT SWORDS OH SHIT!

If you have an aversion to film violence, fear not. So as to avoid alienating any potential ticket purchasers, all key frames depicting the actual moments of murder have been excised from the film. Whew. This leaves the viewer free to best enjoy several lengthy, even tempered scenes of police interrogation-lite. All the talking really amps you up for a climax involving a silhouette fight, a scream, + (spoiler) no resolution. Enjoy.


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