Friday, August 12, 2011

The Babysitter

My week has been very naughty-babysitter themed. First, I stumbled on the trailer for The Babysitter on tumblr.

Then I discovered that our friend Michael from Popcorn & Sticky Floors has a great poster for Weekend with the Babysitter.

What I don't entirely understand is, how did George E. Carey star as George Maxwell, the daddy in The Babysitter (1969) and as Jim Carlton, the daddy in Weekend with the Babysitter (1970)? The babysitter was named Candy Wilson in both films, but played by Patricia Wymer in the first and Susan Romen in the second.

Can someone solve this bad babysitter mystery for me? Also, what was mommy up to?


Sarah said...

I don't know about these movies, but there is also another movie from the 1970s called The Babysitter starring William Shatner as the dad (and maybe Patty Duke as the mom?). It came on TV every once in awhile where I used to live. I swear I saw a new remake for it on Netflix US in the past couple of weeks too.

Wasn't there an Alicia Silverstone vehicle at some point called The Sitter?

aaron said...

The Babysitter starred Silverstone, Jeremy London, and Nicky Katt at the height of their powers. said...

First off, George E. Carey was the producer of both BABYSITTER films through Crown International (offices out on Wilshire Blvd. in West L.A.). He co-wrote the stories for both pics. His production company, DUNDEE, was named after the street in Los Feliz he lived on. He used his own T'bird, yacht, and Piper Cherokee airplane in WEEKEND (and he flew...I could tell...I owned a similar Cherokee with the same last identifier). Given the dates these posts were written, I doubt anyone will see this, but I feel I need to keep Mr. Carey's spirit of indie filmmaking alive!


aaron said...

I saw it! Thanks for the info. Love it when anyone can drop some trash cinema knowledge on us.

Ali said...

Just got a box set of "Drive In Cult Classics" with both movies. WAY too much fodder for hubby's puns. How about "Malibu Beach" and "The Pom Pom Girls" with the same actors and the same Red House set?