Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday Weld: Queen of the Druids

"During her childhood, Weld exhibited amazing clairvoyant gifts that quickly brought her to the attention of a concealed Druidic network of families, which Turner claims form the current Illuminati leadership. In this arena of behind-the-scenes world politics and ritual magic, Weld became a fast rising prodigy in the Illuminati, and at the youthful age of 15 was chosen as the new queen and high priestess of the Druids. The initiation rite that signalled her ascension into leadership was the plane crash that carried Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper to their deaths in February of 1958. According to Turner, the plane had been sabotaged by backers of Weld as part of this ritual which signifed her inauguration as Illuminati Queen and High Priestess."
The previous passage was excerpted from the article "Tiffany Overtakes Tuesday Weld" by Adam Gorightly and Douglas Hawes from the book Secret and Suppressed II published by Feral House.

The subject of the article, Jeffrey Turner, may be a man more familiar to you as one of the subjects of the documentary I Think We're Alone Now. In that feature Turner is portrayed as an unstable man with little in his life beyond his obsession with former pop star Tiffany.

While concentrating on theories regarding Tuesday Weld's influence in creating the Illuminati conspiracy known as the Summer of Love, the Gorightly and Hawes article also sheds greater light on Jeffrey Turner's supposed relationship with Tiffany, her role combating Weld's role in the Illuminati, and overcoming her own MK-ULTRA programming. Recommended reading! It just made me love Tuesday Weld all the more.

I Think We're Alone Now is now available on Netflix. Watch the trailer after the jump.


Michael said...

And I'm getting that book. You're spending my money.

There's an extensive archive of Mae Brussell stuff online. When a political radio show that I was into took a forced break on CKLN, they played a bunch of old radio bits she did and they were often really amazing and especially one I caught on Manson.


Bosgeus said...

I would just listen to Adam Gorightly's mp3's on this subject.

As always with such wild stories, I try to figure whether it is truth. Maybe some other visitor appreciates what I have found until now.

That Weld is a powerful family is truth. They did not come with the Mayflower, but their personnel did.
I would find that link, when I would look for Wicca in connection to the actress. You can also find the family weapon form England from that link.

Tuesday Weld is further also worshiped today, a British band used her to name her band.
The Real Tuesday Weld
The titles indeed might address certain witchcraft.

I haven't found anything yet proving the story about her being a priestess being wrong. Finding her family page at WN with the word "wicca" is rather giving the direction that Adam Gorightly's story is truth. Rather than a lie.

Very interesting, to say the least.

The Process Church of the Final Judgement

The movie gives a nice insight into their theology.

You are welcome copy and paste my comment for your own use.

Anonymous said...

adam gorightly didn't say he believed it...he made a point of noting that turner's views may or may not be his own (implying they weren't).

anyway, the claim about "wednesday addams" formerly being named "tuesday" is a lie, easily verifiable.