Sunday, August 08, 2010

Arab on Radar, Toronto

These guys are still monsters of rock and Toronto audiences are still sedate. I swear the oldies at the Jesus Lizard and Devo reunion shows earlier this year gave it harder than most of the undergrad crowd at Saturday's show. I have gone to shows in a lot of different cities and Toronto beats them all when it comes to sitting on hands and practically yawning through all but the buzziest of buzz bands. And what was up with that gent shouting, "CHINESE STARS" between each song? I gave him a scolding and he quieted for a few numbers, then returned with a fury for the encore. I don't know if the audiences here are spoiled or if the average age when one realizes having fun is more important than looking cool is really out of whack in this city. At any rate, I don't want to get down on the show. Mr. Pottymouth and co. killed it and I had a smile on my face they entire time. Another band struck from the bucket list.

This entire post makes me sound seventy-eight years old.

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Michael said...

My father turns 79 this year and he never talks about this band or Toronto audiences. So, you're cool.