Saturday, June 13, 2009

TSADT Podcast Episode 04

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This week we bring you a fancy Cannes report following Kat's trip to the festival. She gives us the low down on Enter the Void, Inglourious Basterds, Antichrist,, and Thirst. There is also keen insight offered regarding Drag Me To Hell and The Muppet Movie.

Apologies for the audio this week. I ran it very hot, Kat whispered, and Jeff screamed. Next time we record underwater.

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1 comment:

Michael said...

519 representing!

I didn't love Drag Me To Hell. I liked it but maybe Jeff's enthusiasm had me prepared for something more. Oh well.

And I was half expecting to see him at the Premingers that I was lucky enough to see last weekend. Whirlpool and Where The Sidewalk Ends. No such luck.

I don't care about new Tarantino (when isn't he talky? time for a new approach) at all but the other Cannes pieces Kat saw and spoke of (in a proper, non-verbose way) are making me excited.