Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TSADT Podcast Episode 02

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More news and reviews from the world of film brought to you by three know-it-all jerks. This episode we discuss Crank: High Voltage, the trailer for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, and American Apparel versus Woody Allen. We are still in our first steps, so please leave a comment or email us. . . but be gentle. And yes, I am aware I called Statham's character "Chris Chelios" instead of "Chev Chelios," so you can keep it to yourself, Mister Smarty Alex.

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Michael said...

Well, I like 'em but I also like the folks gabbing (much) so it's an easy sway for me. You all have a very good and er-less way to talk so it makes it painless and Kat has a superb dialogue but also a potty mouth.

They're longer than I thought but I forgot that podcasts often are. I guess I'm used to more capsule-sized snippets as they suit my uses. Tonight I made some nice stirfry on rice while listening though.

I have a free ticket from Cheerios so I will go and see the new Crank although I didn't love the first one. My Galaxy ain't got much more to choose from.

Michael said...

I thought I said that. You'll have to excuse me as I was watching rice and the frying pan and it was a broken comment. I meant that Kat had an excellent vocabulary for this type of improv dialogue. Sorry about that confusion. But she did curse.

And I do like the snippets that break it up and the music, of course.

I also tend to like American Apparel and choose them over Woody because I prefer to favour the underdog and despise the celebrity. I'd like a precedent-setting decision and a free-for-all exposition of their malevolence from this point forward. Thank you.

aaron said...

Ha! Thanks for the comments, Michael. Yes, Kat is adept at potty-mouthed improvisation.

And we are planning to keep future podcasts at close to thirty minutes. Surely you can invest thirty minutes with us every two weeks.