Saturday, September 13, 2008


Miguel Martí | 2008 | 100 mins | Spain

The "Hannibal Lecter's brain ... in Paris Hilton's wardrobe" tag of Sexykiller made me worry that I would find it too dumb and jokey to truly enjoy, but I was wrong. Sexykiller was exactly what I needed to propel me into the last day of TIFFing in a great mood!

Bárbara (the sassy Macarena Gómez) is a sexy co-ed who studies medicine by day and murders people indiscriminately by night. She's hated by the girls, loved by the boys, and willing to kill anyone who pisses her off even slightly.

While the cops start nosing around in their search for the "Campus Killer", Bárbara is busy wooing morgue employee Tomás (César Camino), who she mistakenly believes is a kindred spirit - a killer just like her. Meanwhile, Tomás is working on an invention that might capture the final memories of the recently deceased, in the hopes of catching the killer. Little does he know that his invention will do a lot more for the still-warm corpses than just extract a fleeting memory. And worse yet, little does he know that the killer is his hot new girlfriend!

The gory murders are inventive and hilariously yucky (a slow spiked heel through the temple was probably my favourite moment in the entire film), and the acting is just hammy and goofy enough. The film is campy, totally outlandish and really fun. Usually, rowdy audiences bug me, but with something this over the top, I got into the screams and squeals along with everyone else.

I heard someone complaining after the fact about how the film "didn't go far enough", citing specifically the lack of nudity so often seen in good sexy horror films, but as Bárbara says herself at the start (while carrying a classmate's severed head in her bag, no less) - if you're expecting a bunch of naked girls being chased by some creepy guy, you're watching the wrong film. This is like, tenth wave feminism, and it goes just far enough.

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