Monday, January 28, 2008

Ex Drummer

Koen Mortier | 2007 | 104 min | Belgium

Three aging gutter punks (always a good lifestyle choice) ask one of Belgium's most famous writers, Dries, to be the drummer of their band for a one-off show. They are big fans of his confrontational writing style which they believe would translate nicely to punk rock. Dries doesn't play drums, but what the hell? A writer is always on the lookout for new material. Also, the three dudes are all drug addicts and complete degenerates. Also, they are all handicapped. Needless to say, a delicate comedy of manners ensues.

Okay, not quite. What follows is a film filled with a number of interesting visual ticks and gags, some intense story twists, and the kind of jet black humour the only Europeans can get away with (and only when they think no one is watching). This is a film for creeps who want heavy doses of Taxidermia with their Trainspotting. Creeps like me.

Though Dries enters the band to take a brief walk on the wild side and get out, he soon finds himself invested in the lives of his bandmates. As those lives spiral out of control, he is both drawn further in to the thrill of the drama and repulsed by the choices they make.

I don't want to say too much about the film because going in fairly blind will be a treat, but I have to warn: when I say 'black comedy' I don't mean War of the Roses black; I mean 'wow, that was a lot of rape jokes' black. Take heed. And enjoy.


Anonymous said...

ridiculously fun and disturbing.
the Q and A after the TIFF screening of this was almost as disturbing than the film itself. highly recommended.

aaron said...

i have heard some amusing stuff about the director. he sounds. . . interesting. i guess it was a bit of a wrestling match to even have this film produced. not too surprising that the director must seem a little possessed.

if you haven't seen Taxidermia yet, you need to.

Anonymous said...

i was really anxious to see Taxidermia when i heard about it at the film fest, but never made it.
my roommate downloaded it a few weeks ago, and, i'm not gonna lie: i got halfway through it and then needed to take a break and do some nice healthy homework. i will reattempt one day, though.

aaron said...

i got about halfway through it before my viewing partner couldnt take anymore either. but the second lightens up. a little. kinda. it's not as graphic, at least.

i had to finish watching it the next day by myself.