Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Jason Reitman | 2007 | 92 min | USA

Juno has some fantastic moments, and a great cast, but writer Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman have made the filmic equivalent of Joss Whedon, Kevin Williamson, and Cameron Crowe jerking off into the same cup and then inseminating a desperate to regain some sort of relevance, Amy Heckerling.

If this is the new Napoleon Dynamite, I'm going to cry.


Sarah said...

I don't think Juno is as quotable as Napoleon Dynamite. But then again, it's not in wide release yet.

DeeDubya said...

I only got round to seeing Juno this weekend and I thought it was wonderful. the script is very sharp and the supporting cast is one of the best ensambles Ive seen for a long time.

A quirky look at the subject matetr and certainlky raises some discussions, I loved it.

katarina said...

I think the biggest problem with Juno is that the most cringe-worthy, hipster-referencing dialogue comes straight out of Juno's mouth. She's really over written and nowhere near as funny as the supporting cast, who get the real zingers of the film. It's just that the writer seems to think that Juno's lines are the real gold.