Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wrong Turn 2

Joe Lynch | 2007 | 93 min | USA

Henry Rollins and some other one dimensional idiots go into the woods to make a Survivor style reality show called Apocalypse, and are attacked by inbred cannibal hillbillies.

Obviously, Wrong Turn 2 doesn't boast the finest acting or writing, but Joe Lynch has made a fun movie filled with wicked kills and fun camera work, which deserved to be given a theatrical release, and possibly a new title that has nothing to do with Wrong Turn. Hillbilly Holocaust would have fit.

Hatchet director, Adam Green must be blowing the right people while Lynch (his friend) stays at home hard at work. Lynch has made the throwback to 80's horror that Green claims Hatchet is, but his movie is going straight to video while Green's snooze-fest has been released theatrically, and is being hailed as the second coming. Hopefully Lynch's next movie is treated with the proper amount of respect, and it can be enjoyed in a theatre. Green's too. Straight to VCD in Thailand maybe?

Oh! Also... Huge props to Lynch for the badass body-mount shot. It's been a while since that trick's been pulled off effectively. When did Mean Streets come out?

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