Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Stuart Gordon | 2007 | 94 min | Canada/USA/UK

Stuart Gordon's made the best film of his career, twice in a row now. Last time with "Edmond" and again now with "Stuck". Give the man a good script and he'll make you a good movie. That's what these last two films have proven. No disrespect to "Reanimator" whatsoever.

Gordon and screenwrither John Strysik have taken an already horrific news story about an inebriated young nurse who ran over a homeless man... Well, "ran over" isn't the best way to explain it. She hit the man with her car, and his body went flying through the windshield, getting stuck half in, half out, then drove home and left the car and the man in the garage; waiting for him to die. So they've taken this news story, and then had their way with it to turn it into a really fun dark comedy and horror film. In reality, the man died after 3 days of bleeding all over the nurse's car seat. Boring! In the movie version, he tries to escape. HOORAY!

Mena Suvari plays the young nurse, and Stephen Rhea plays the man. Both are great in the film, as are the fresh-faced supporting cast. The film's premise is silly enough that if the cast wasn't this good, the film wouldn't have worked. It still would have had its car crash and its gore but the suspense and fun of it all would have fallen flat. When Stephen Rhea's in a film, you don't have to worry about the quality of his performance. Mena Suvari however was a big surprise, and a pleasant one.

With such a great young cast, a ton of crowd pleasing moments, and an incredibly memorable logline, someone should buy this film FAST! Get it in theatres. Stuart Gordon has earned it. Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit.

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