Friday, August 17, 2007


Greg Motolla | 2007 | approx. 114 min | US

The highly anticipated Superbad is finally seeing release today + you already know if you're going to see it. In fact, you're only looking at this review for confirmation of what you think you already know. So here it is: yes, you are correct. Superbad is amazing. I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie that made me laugh so hard. Not only that, but this is the closest we will ever get to a realist teen movie. That's right. This movie is best picture of the life of a teenage boy you may ever see. Fuck Kids. I knew guys like Casper + Telly in high school, but I could never relate to those assholes. I can relate to every moment in Superbad.

Director Greg Mottolla has been behind several episodes of Undeclared + Arrested Development + this movie has their appealing musk all over it. Thus far, Superbad is the best of what I consider to be the Apatow Family of Films. And oh, what a handsome family! They only seem to be growing more refined! The script (by Seth Rogan + Evan Goldberg) tells a fairly standard story: it's the last night of high school + the nerds set out to get the girls. A tale as old as time, but the delivery is more complex than expected, running a couple different threads + sets of characters for the length of the film. It is also loaded with a calibre of low-down gutter-humour that would fall flat with any other mix of cast + crew. Luckily, it is note perfect in the hands of young leads Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, + Chris Mintz-Plasses. Those boys are so far beyond the skill of most actors it's hard to believe. Cera has already developed a ridiculous following/ love cult from his limited body of work + I expect his co-stars will join him in that respect soon enough.

There you are. That's enough. You already knew you wanted to see it. Go forth. Fingers crossed for Superbad Freshmen.


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You review good.

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so true.